Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freetime Exploring South London

Beth and I hooked up to explore east of where we are staying at King’s College dorms on Stamford Street. Originally we were trying to locate the Braham’s Museum of Tea and Coffee. There is a lot of construction going on in London right now, so I’m not sure if we missed the building due to all of the scaffolding, but we just couldn’t find it. Instead we found a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind, a floating museum. Then we toured the Clink Prison Museum and noted that the prisoners themselves had to pay for their incarceration. Imagine if California had this policy, we wouldn’t have such debt as we currently do. Anyhow, the many devices certainly made for a miserable stay. After seeing the museum we walked by the Borough Market, but it wasn’t open on Sundays. Walking along the bankside of the Thames, we saw the replica of the Globe Theater, had lunch at a Greek restaurant, searched for artifacts on the strand of the Thames, and returned to our dorms to rest. After a while, we met up again, went to Waterloo Station to get a seven-day travel card, rode the tube over to Buckingham Palace to take photos, and walked back through St. James Park. After walking along the Victoria Embankment, we crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge that offers a panoramic view of Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the London Aquarium, and the London Eye. It turned out to be a relaxing way to spend a Sunday in the city of London.

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